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Palm oil is an issue for many reasons.

Rainforests are destroyed to grow the palm oil trees that palm oil comes from, killing thousands of animals who live there and contributing to climate change.

There is also forced, unfair, and child labor involved in harvesting palm oil.

And palm oil is in Girl Scout cookies. Palm oil completely goes against what Girl Scouts stands for, and we are upholding the Girl Scout law by protesting it.

"In Indonesia, Ima led her class in math and dreamed of becoming a doctor. Then one day her father made her quit school because he needed help meeting the high company targets on the palm oil plantation where she was born. Instead of attending fourth grade, she squatted in the unrelenting heat, snatching up the loose kernels littering the ground and knowing if she missed even one, her family’s pay would be cut."

(Associated Press Article)

(AP Photo/Binsar Bakkara)

Wildlife (as shown below) are driven from their homes and toward extinction, and often even killed when rainforests are destroyed for palm oil. Unless the palm oil is completely sustainable, meaning that rainforests were not destroyed to grow those palm oil trees.

But Girl Scout cookies contain mixed sustainable palm oil, meaning only a portion of the palm oil is actually sustainable, and that is mixed with unsustainable palm oil.

And even palm oil that is truly sustainable is far from perfect. It still may involve child labor.

This needs to stop, and children are the ones who often stand up to make change! We have the power to make a difference, so go to the HOW WE CAN HELP page to learn how you can join us to make change!


(picture alliance / dpa)

A baby Elephant mourning their poisoned mother. She was poisoned to stop her from eating palm fruit in a palm oil plantation.


(Howard Buffett / WWF-US)

A Sumatran Tiger. Sumatran Tigers are critically endangered. There are less than 400 in the wild.


(International Animal Rescue / Caters News)

An Orangutan in a destroyed rainforest trying to defend their home against heavy machinery.

Want to hear more about Ima and the issues of palm oil? Click:

for the Associated Press article By Robin McDowell and Margie Mason about the child labor in the palm oil industry tied to Girl Scout cookies.

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